Selfies are popping up everywhere throughout the world of social media, and these days even some of the world’s most popular celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.

People take selfies of just about anything and everything they do in their lives and post pictures on social media sites where hundreds of people will see it.

Only a couple of decades ago, people with that much exposure would have been considered celebrities. Many people believe that this generation is the one that has been brought up on the idea that they are special, that they can achieve anything. It is often believed that women take more selfies but one is surprised to know that men take more selfies than women. Of the 2,000 women surveyed, those aged 16-25 were the most prolific selfie-snappers, spending an average of 16 minutes on each selfie-session, three times a day. Selfies have become an important part of each and every step of life if one is on vacations with family. How is it possible not to post selfies that matter a lot to for almost all of us?

Psychologists believe selfies are more likely to create narcissism. We post selfies to get likes and study shows most of the people delete selfie if they do not get much likes. People do extra effort to look their best in selfies. If you’ve taken up to three selfies today, consider yourself nuts; at least in the eyes of American Psychiatric Association and countless others who are igniting a global movement to recognise that an addiction to selfies can be indicative of a mental disorder. Point to ponder upon, as one truly said, is: “The selfies you don’t post are what you really look like.”

One out of three facial plastic surgeons surveyed said that self-awareness due to social media had led to an increase in requests for procedures. Public use of photo sharing platforms contributed to a 10 per cent increase in nose jobs in 2013 as compared to 2012. Social media sites were created to help people connect with one another but now it has just become the source for sharing selfies. Today people across the world take more than 1 million selfies each day.

Makati and Pasig city tops the cities with 4155 selfies a day, Manhattan, New York, ranks number two with 3823 selfies a day, Miami, Florida, ranks third with 747 selfies, Anaheim and Santa Ana, California, rank fourth, Petaling Jaya, a city of Malaysia, ranks fifth, Tel Aviv is at six, Manchester at 7, Milan at eight, Cebu Philippines at 9, and George Town, Malaysia, is ranked at position 10.

—The writer Ayesha Hayat Abbasi is a student of MSc mass communication at QAU.