Silicon Valley: With so many tech giants battling for dominance in the smart watch industry, it takes real vision to create something fresh. Something that's a true novelty. But here's a watch that might just ruffle a few feathers in Silicon Valley - and upset the Apple cart.

It has a nifty 'swipe action', is waterproof to 2,000m, can be 'recharged' quickly (not that it's necessary) and there's zero chance of it succumbing to malware. All for just £10 ($15). So what's the catch? Well, it's all in the name: the Not So Smart Watch. And there's a reason it comes with four felt-tip pens as accessories - so you can draw things on the mini-whiteboard clockface, and then wipe ('swipe') them off to doodle something new. 

Want to instant message someone 'Hi'? Use a pen. Recharge the battery? You'll need to draw some green bars. It's just as the packaging proclaims: 'Messages. Facetime. Games. Maps... and Four Pens Included'.–MOL

And it's due to hit the cyber shelves any day now.

The cheeky watch is the brainchild of 44-year-old Shed Simove - author, performer and purveyor of novelty toys - and author/TV producer Steven Vinacour, 42; both from London. 

The pair have even made a promotional video which parodies Apple-style advertising, and features cleverly spliced 'commentary' by Jonathan Ive, the design guru behind the iPhone and iPod and Apple Watch. Shed told MailOnline: 'I came up with the idea for the Not So Smart Watch after Apple’s latest offering caught the attention of the world.

'I noticed that everyone was banging on about the concept of ‘wearables’ - and that the concept of the ‘smartwatch’ really took off. 'However, the people I know who bought the Apple watch don’t really rate it that highly, so I began to think that maybe there was another way to make a smartwatch - maybe turn the idea on its head.

'I initially thought about selling a cheap plastic watch with a fixed time printed on the face, so it’d be ‘accurate twice a day’ - but then Steven had the (much better) idea of making the watch ‘wipe clean’. I found a factory in China and the rest is tech history.' Shed is also the author of cult book What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex - a book filled with 200 blank pages.

The masterpiece took just nine days to complete, from conception to publication, back in 2011. It proved a hit, outselling both Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code within weeks of its release on Amazon.

Shed's handiwork transcended its original purpose as a novelty gift, and is now used by students as a lecture notebook.  But will this latest offering be a hit, too? Only time will tell. The Not So Smart Watch™ by Shed Simove is available from Sellervision - a new app that allows you to sell any item or service through a 30-second video shot through the app.