BAHAWALPUR : The district police arrested 820 criminals including 104 members of four notorious gangs during a vigorous crackdown carried out in the month of November.

The police also recovered drugs, illegal arms and looted money worth Rs4.4 million from their possession.

According to DPO Ashfaq Ahmed Khan, the police arrested 820 criminals including 44 of Category A and 265 of Category B from different areas of the district. The police said that seven criminals arrested had been involved in 15 murder cases, 65 criminals in 21 cases of robbery and six criminals w in cases different cases of street crime.

In a crackdown on illegal weapons, the police arrested 51 outlaws and recovered one rifle, seven guns, 39 revolvers, four carbines and 130 bullets from them. In a crackdown on drug-peddlers, 137 outlaws were arrested and 20.16 kg of hashish, 0.18 kg of opium and 3,337 bottles of liquor from their possession while 48 criminals were arrested in a crackdown on gambling dens.

On the other hand, the police also busted four gangs involved in the incidents of robbery and street crime and arrested 18 members of the gangs. The police also recovered motorcycles and Rs2.8 million from their possession.

The police also registered seven cases for violating Amplifier Act.

The DPO, on the occasion, said that the police will continue to take action against the outlaws as these elements deserve no leniency.