DWP Group to hold Lifestyle Exhibition

LAHORE (PR): DWP Group is a nationwide leading provider of products, goods and services, specialising in the field on Consumer Electronics and Technology.

This innovative technology leader is among the key participants at the Lifestyle Exhibition, held in Lahore and Islamabad on 17th–18th December and 24th–25th December respectively. The Lifestyle Exhibition is going to be held on 30th–31st December in Karachi. From the house DWP Group, they featured Eco Star - a brand name of quality and technological excellence. Eco Star is a nationwide leading producer of LED Televisions with technological excellence. Under the umbrella of DWP Group, the most actively participating was Eco Star.

Their LED TVs are the smartest hub of home entertainment, with the most advanced technology to deliver outstanding performance. Other EcoStar products are washing machines, water dispensers, ups, batteries and solar panels were also displayed at the exhibition, to gain market recognition and awareness. Gree being an official brand partner of the DWP Group also showcased its revolutionary AC’s on the exhibition stall.


Beaconhouse arranges retreat for students

ISLAMABAD (PR): Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad International Baccalaureate branch arranged a retreat for its year 1 and 2 students.

The activity ‘Back to Nature’ took place at Moor Jang, Kalar Kahar, where students and teachers stayed at camps in wilderness for three days. The objective of the retreat was to make students perform creativity, activity and service activity; a core component of the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma programme.

Students hiked uphill to conduct rappelling, an exercise in which they moved down a steep incline by means of a double rope secured above and paid out gradually in the descent. At base camp, they also had a chance to cut and collect wood logs for campfire, and learnt about types of wood suitable for fire.

On Day 2, the students built their own rafts in two groups and tested them for rafting down the hill in a serene fresh water pond. This creative activity was, ‘once in a life time chance’ elaborated few students. Students also carried out enjoyed cliff crossing as the last activity of exhilarating extreme retreat.



Digitising agriculture to build value for farmers


LAHORE (PR): Telenor Pakistan’s ‘Khushal Zamindar’, a user-friendly Robocall, IVR and SMS content based mobile agriculture service for small scale farmers - provides location-specific weather forecast along with contextual agronomic advisory for every farmer’s relevant crop mix and tips for livestock management.

‘Khushal Zamindar’ also allow farmers to contact agriculture experts once a week through a live show which is extremely popular amongst subscribers. ‘Khushal Zamindar’ is currently available to small scale farmers in 36 districts of the Punjab, and will soon be rolled-out nationwide. Only in Punjab, the service has already reached over 1.3 million subscriptions in a short span of time since its launch in December 2015, and it’s ready for a nationwide rollout. Recently, the ground-breaking mobile agricultural service won P@SHA ICT Award for ‘Innovation in Service’.

Pakistan’s economy can really benefit from growing agri-technology initiatives. The increasing complexity of digital agriculture offers a large number of entry points to many stakeholders to innovate in digital agriculture, both for local and export markets and take Pakistan to new heights.