ISLAMABAD -  Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is keeping mum about an intervention appeal forwarded by at least 35 former police chiefs who had questioned the Sindh government’s “controversial” decision to send Inspector General Police AD Khawaja on forced leave, The Nation has learnt.

Last week, the Pakistan Police Forum, a forum of former police officers, wrote a letter to the prime minister, drawing his attention towards the move after the Sindh government asked Khawaja to go on leave. They said, in the letter, that the action was “unjustified, arbitrary and contrary to norms of good governance and justice”.

The letter says “we concede the prerogative of the government to appoint any police officer, it deems appropriate, as IG of a province, we feel that it is essential for good governance that the IG may be given stability of tenure to enable him to deliver”.

It said that “if the government wants to transfer him prematurely, it must give solid reasons for doing it. Transferring an IG on personal whims not only belittles the office of IG in the eyes of his subordinates and the public but it is also against norms of justice”.

“The IG represents the federation and therefore we appeal to you not to allow this premature transfer of a provincial police chief. We would also humbly propose that it is high time for the government to fix the tenure of IGs to ensure operational autonomy and de-politicisation of police services,” the letter says.

Retired IGs including Syed Masood Shah, Afzal Ali Shigri, Tariq Pervez, Shaukat Javed, Tariq Khosa, and Iftikhar Ahmed are also part of the forum.

Talking to The Nation, Shigri confirmed that the premier has not responded to their letter.

Earlier, the same forum went to the Islamabad High Court after Islamabad IG Aftab Ahmed Cheema and Senior Superintendent Police Islamabad Muhammad Ali Nekokara were removed.