Education in Pakistan has always been a matter of concern. The literacy rate and overall standard of education in Pakistan gave many private schools the opportunity to prove them as the advocates of elite education in Pakistan. Over the past two decades several private schools have emerged as strong systems, not only to deliver knowledge but to nourish the talent and skills of young individuals. Among these systems worth mentioning are; Lahore Grammar School, Salamat School, The City School and The Beaconhouse School. Professionals from across the globe have been hired to design the curriculums and extra efforts have been made to ensure to make these systems stand out among others.

The improved standard of education and exposure to students has removed borders and has allowed Pakistanis to prove themselves across the globe. Pakistani students have earned notable positions in the finest and most recognised institutes all across the world. They have been representing Pakistan on international platforms like The Model United Nations at Harvard or The Genius Olympiad and other international competitions.

Private counselling, also known as college counselling, has evidently sprung out in the larger cities of Pakistan. Lahore and Karachi, being at the top with the most number of college counselling firms with Islamabad now emerging after them. The new trend of college counselling has proved to be of good use to the Pakistani student network so far. It is expected that in future this additional help will assist Pakistani students gain worldwide recognition as well, making Pakistan a better and smarter country.


Lahore, December 26.