LAHORE -  Punjab Governor Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana has promised to extend every cooperation to the business community for the cause of economy.

While talking to Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Abdul Basit and Executive Committee members, the governor said that strong relations between government and the private sector are vital to keep the momentum of growth. He said that the government had achieved a lot during last three years. He said there is a lot of development in the energy sector and the country would be self dependent in power generation till the year 2018.

He said that law and order situation is far better than the past and situation would be much better in the days to come. He said that tourism industry is booming while reforms in agriculture sector are paving way for agricultural revolution.

To a question, the governor said that issue of Indian water aggression is being raised at the international forums. He also promised to take up the issue of disparity in electricity and gas prices between the provinces with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

While agreeing the LCCI proposal to declare the important roads as industrial corridors, the governor urged the LCCI to forward proposals in this regard. He also promised to forward his recommendations to the Punjab govt regarding construction of parking plazas and ban on protests at city roads. “As Punjab governor, my full support and cooperation is available for the business community as no country could move ahead without its due role”, he added.

On the occasion, the LCCI president said that Pakistani industry is in deep trouble in the international market because of high input cost. He said that electricity is an important raw material of the industry and it should be provided to the industry on subsidised rates to boost the declining exports. He said that gas and electricity tariff should be uniformed throughout the country.

On the issue of Kalabagh dam, the LCCI president said that the government should make a clear decision on this mega project as provoking statements of the Indian prime minister are ringing the alarming bells. He said that all political parties should give priority to the national interests. LCCI Vice President M Nasir Hameed Khan said that misuse of discretionary powers should be stopped to create business-friendly atmosphere in the country. He said that business community is the backbone of the economy and it should be given honour and respect.