ISLAMABAD  - A spokesperson for the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) on Tuesday said that an inquiry has been ordered to ascertain how the coach driver dropped PPP Senator Sherry Rehman at a wrong bay at the Karachi airport before she departed for Sukkur in an ATR aircraft.

Earlier, the Pakistan Peoples Party senator twitted that the PIA boarded her on a wrong plane while she was travelling to Garhi Khuda Bux for the death anniversary of the late former prime minister Benazir Bhutto.

“PIA boarded us on the wrong ATR for Multan instead of Sukkur now on right plane but no bakra in sight! #PPP,” Rehman tweeted.

Responding to media queries regarding the tweet, the PIA spokesperson said that two ATR aircraft were parked on adjacent bays at the Karachi airport, departing for Multan and Sukkur at almost the same time.

“Due to some confusion the coach driver dropped her at the wrong bay,” he said and added that as she approached the aircraft departing for Multan, the staff present outside the aircraft, corrected her and guided her to the other aircraft which was parked a few steps away.

“Such instances are very rarely reported but confusion may occur in the case of simultaneous departures. To avoid this, airlines have checks at multiple levels where boarding cards are checked and any such passengers can be intercepted,” the spokesperson added.