On paper the National Accountability Bureau, like the Supreme Court is required, by law, to be autonomous- carrying out its duties across the board, prosecuting every individual irrespective of his political affiliations or status in society. Yet Usman Dar, a member of ruling PTI, appointed as chairperson of PM Youth Program, whose assignment has nothing to do with NAB, manages to go there and have access to an office where files of political adversaries were placed. I am sure he could never had access to SC of Pakistan registry where case files are stored, because this is what defines a powerful and completely independent and autonomous constitutional institution.

We can only hope and pray to Almighty, that one day an across the board accountability is carried out and every individual involved in financial irregularity, pilferage, tax evasion, land grabbing and money laundering is held accountable and the robbed money recovered, while the criminal serves a long sentence in jail to serve as deterrence for others and there is no more any farce of plea bargain.


Peshawar, December 14.