ISLAMABAD - Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul Thursday urged to make long-term policies to counter natural disasters, asking students to play their due role for saving planet earth. Speaking at the National Conference on Climate Change, organized by department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Bahria University Islamabad, she said all academic institutions of Pakistan must join hands to make Pakistan a progressive country.

The minister said through academia and experts we can get more brains as students are the only segment that is not very much political and criticized. She said the future of Pakistani children is now in safe hands as they have got a sincere and brave leadership in the country.  “Water shortage causes grave issues as the drought situation prevailing in Sindh and Balochistan and its outcome is a precedent before us,” she said.  Zartaj Gul said, “We need to regulate water usage and also adopt cleanliness along with clean water consumption.” She said as the country was facing natural disasters from several years and acknowledged the commitment of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who understands these issues and is already working on it.

She admired the efforts of Pakistanis, saying the best nation among the world for helping each other in case of any natural disaster whether it is flood or earthquake. “People are now understanding climate changes issues being faced by the country that were not taken into consideration by the previous regimes,” she said

Zartaj Gul said the present government was committed to bringing change in the behaviour of people through communication in their native languages to address environmental issues. She urged the international community to address these issues on priority as global warming is not the problem of individual country.  She added that Pakistan is not in one of those countries that have big contributions in emission but affecting badly. She said those criticizing billion tree tsunami project are now acknowledging the benefits of this drive. Faculty members, Director General of Bahria University Islamabad Campus and head of the departments from different universities also participated in the event.