LAHORE-Actress Mansha Pasha was once again at the receiving end of social media trolls after being flooded with hater’s comments on her engagement to social activist Jibran Nasir.

“This is especially true for me with regards to the troll comments on my some of my engagement photos. Assumptions made on my life, my choices, my previous relationships. You can’t justify cruelty by calling it “an opinion”. Especially if it’s a worthless opinion” She wrote while posting a Tweet by Mufti Menk along the same lines.

“You looked like a queen Mansha and your face reflected true happiness and nobody can take those moments away from you. They hate because of empty hearts and minds. I’m just going to send you positive energy to fill your timeline with love” Armeen tweeted.

Mansha and Jibranengagement ceremony was held last week.Numerous videos and pictures of the ceremony have been circulated on social media since then. The trolls did not stop here. Many also posted hate comments on the actor’s engagement photos.

One video in particular however has attracted the ire of Twitterati. The video shows Jibran kissing his bride to be on the cheek with him subsequently joking about it being his right now.