Whether or not the Supreme Court's validation of the Sharif brothers' disqualification from electoral politics is according to the election laws, it is unfortunate that the leader of the country's second largest political party is urging partymen to take to the streets to protest. The brothers left the country when they should have faced the dictator. When a leader leaves his people to the tyranny of the times, what can one expect? That the PML-N is on collision course with the PPP is clear but that it is for the sake of an independent judiciary is not so. PML-N leaders only know the politics of confrontation. They know very well the country is facing a grave problem of militancy, a severe economic downturn and a crisis of governance but are not prepared to act responsibly nor liable to hold back their party workers that are incensed to the point of attacking public property. Peaceful demonstration is a basic right of the people but damaging government & private properties is not. -ENGR. S.T. HUSSAIN, Lahore, via e-mail, February 26.