LAHORE - The anti-Zardari protest demonstrations have gained robust momentum in the City on the third day of widespread agitation against disqualification decision and imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab. Thousands of people and PML-N workers joined the protest demonstration at the Lahore High Court and outside the Punjab Assembly on the Mall. An outrageous protest rally was taken out from GPO Chowk to Faisal Chowk outside the assembly. PML-N leaders and activists gave symbolic sit-in to condemn Sharifs' ineligibility, Punjab Assembly suspension and Governor Rule. More than 30 vehicles heavily loaded with party workers and leaders joined the protest demonstration. Some trucks played "war songs" on high-pitched volume to keep warming the hearts of protestors. Since morning people started flooding The Mall. After Friday prayers, the both sides of the road and inside and outside the Punjab Assembly, protest demonstrations picked momentum. Though the assembly was blocked with barbed wires and cordoned off with heavy contingent of police, protestors entered into the courtyard of assembly. The main demonstration was staged on The Mall in front of the Punjab Assembly and the Lahore High Court. Sporadic protests and rallies were also taken out at Johar Town, Old city and McLeod Road, Garhi Shahu, Gulberg and Baghbanpura. Clouds of smoke erupting through heaps of tyres burnt by charged-up protestors enveloped The Mall throughout the day. Shutter down was also observed at all big and small markets. The protest demonstrations kept resounding with the slogans against President Asif Ali Zardari, present Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar and Governor Punjab Salman Taseer. Furious demonstrators set on fire the effigies of President Zardari in a protest against the decision. Some protestors also threw the shoes on the effigies of Zardari and Abdul Hameed Dogar and called their names. They were putting up placards, posters of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, banners and flags to show gesture of solidarity with Sharif brothers. Some people flashed dummies of Lions raising slogans "Sharif Tery Janasar Beshumar Beshumar". Different party wings including Kissan Wing, Culture Wing, Women Wing, Labour Wing and Professional Wing continued to merge in the protest demonstrations. The demonstration reached its climax after PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif came to address the Lahore High Court Bar Association at LHC. The whole area rocked with the full-throated slogans. After speaking to the gathering, he was scheduled to deliver his address on the premises of the Punjab Assembly. But due to some unavoidable reasons, he could not address and went to his residence. Sources revealed that as he was not feeling well, so he cancelled the programme. PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif also addressed on the occasion. He said that Governor Rule was limited to merely Governor House but Nawaz Sharif was ruling the entire the country as every one heart was beating with the heartbeat of Nawaz Sharif He said the days were not far away when PML-N would govern and restore the judges. He administered oath from the public for the restoration of judges and elimination of Governor Rule. He said that nation had rejected the decision of unconstitutional court. He said that PML-N would never succumb to pressure. He said, "If we could not be afraid of Musharraf's unconstitutional steps, how would we bow down before such unlawful acts?" He said that every citizen of Pakistan should rise up for the rule of law and constitution. He said that President Zardari did not know the outcome of what he had done. He vowed to continue struggle till the inception of genuine democracy in the country. He said that Shahbaz was punished as he was delivering as per the aspiration of people. He termed the day as darkest day in the history of Pakistan. He said that PML-N would never step back from the lawyers' movement. He said that PML-N would participate in long march and sit-in at every cost.