THESE stunning images capture the power and glory of waves as they are about to crash down onto the shore. They have been taken by surfer-turned-photographer Clark Little who swims in terrifying seas and crouches on shorelines to get the breathtaking images. 'I try to capture the beauty of these monstrous waves from the inside out,' said the father of two, who has just published his favourite images. 'I'm always in the water before dawn to try to snap that perfect picture as the sun rises.' Many of the images were taken at Waimea Bay in Hawaii - the home of surfing and immortalised in the lyrics of the Beach Boys' song 'Surfin USA'. They show perfect arcs of water and crystal 'caverns' which are turned into a kaleidoscope of colour by sand and rays of sunlight. 'I enjoy the power and beauty of the huge waves that roll through,' the 39-year-old said. Clark, from Oahu, Hawaii, says he often risks his life to capture the 'perfect wave'. He said: 'I love the ocean - I am addicted to the waves. Especially places like Waimea Bay. 'I started surfing there in the 1990s and now I like to photograph it as much as possible. - DM