The mere fact that the Governor Raj has been imposed in Punjab proves the anticipated success of the Long March of lawyers which is now joined by major political forces of Pakistan as well as the people. The parties of ruling coalition, PPP, MQM, ANP, JUI etc are actually scared out of their wits due to their failures in fundamental problems like inflation, bad law and order, failure in domestic and external policies, a failing economy and the combined assault of USA-UK, IMF on Pakistan. The imposition of Governor Raj, on the excuse of Shahbaz government's failure to control law and order after the SC decision is so unconvincing. After all, he left the seat of government immediately after the judgement and so did his cabinet. If any problem arose, it was due to the federal government's failure. Heavens would not have fallen if some anger were vented because most of the bile rose to the rim after imposition of the Governor Raj, not before it. In Nov 2008, more than fifty people were killed in shooting, looting and arson in Karachi but the Governor Raj was imposed in Sindh as the province was being ruled by a PPP-MQM coalition. -WAHAB GONDAL, Gujrat, via e-mail, February 26.