BRITNEY Spears was scared of ex-manager Sam Lutfi, her hairdresser has told a judge who is considering making a long-term restraining order against him. Roberta Romero told a Los Angeles court Lutfi had also sent a series of text messages to her, trying to convey messages to Ms Spears. Ms Spears' father, Jamie, has brought the case to court. He wants lengthy restraining orders against Mr Lutfi, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib and lawyer Jon Eardley. Ms Romero said Mr Lutfi had sent her the text messages in late December including one saying: "Very close to getting her free now." After Ms Romero had received the text messages, Ms Spears had told her to avoid her former manager. "She told me she's scared of him and not to talk to him," Ms Romero told the court on Wednesday. After the hearing, Mr Lutfi did not wish to comment about the messages. Mr Spears, who has been placed in charge of his daughter's finances, says Mr Lutfi is a "predator" and a "danger" to the Spears family. Mr Lutfi's legal team say restraining orders are granted for "severe harassing conduct that causes substantial emotional distress" and that the testimony of Mr Spears testimony did not come close. " BBC Also on Wednesday, Superior Court Judge Aviva K Bobb extended temporary restraining orders against Mr Lutfi, Mr Ghalib and Mr Eardley and said he planned to hear further testimony on 1 April. Mr Ghalib, who does not have legal representation in the case, appeared in a courtroom in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, on Wednesday to plead guilty to charges that he struck a court official who was trying to serve papers relating to the restraining order case. Prosecuters claimed the official broke his wrist after hanging on to the hood of Mr Ghalib's care in an attempt to avoid serious injury. A lawyer for the other man named in the restraining order proceeding, Jon Eardley, has said his client had not had any involvement with Ms Spears for a year. But the judge has repeatedly refused to have Mr Eardley dismissed from the case. " BBC