ALL the facts should be laid bare before the FBI team that is arriving in Pakistan on March 4 to discuss the Mumbai attacks. There are many factors, like the Indian refusal to share evidence, which flows from its malicious campaign to defame Pakistan as a state that sponsored the attacks in Mumbai, and so on. Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on a number of occasions has been quite categorical in telling it to the world that Pakistan was committed to eliminate terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Likewise, there should not be any doubt that Islamabad was willing to cooperate with New Delhi over the issue. The reality that must be conveyed to the FBI team is that Pakistan has carried out investigations and at present is waiting for New Delhi to respond to them. But as befits its traditional posture, New Deli has refused to respond to the findings and on the contrary is still accusing Pakistan of not cooperating with it. It has done nothing but engage in finger pointing which, given the nature of the bilateral relationship, would increase the hostility. Thus, faced with such a situation, the best way out would be taking the Americans on board and telling them what the reality is.