So the Damocles' sword has fallen at last. The Sharif brothers are again in the wilderness, clutching at straws as usual. This mess Nawaz Sharif has landed himself into is surely of his own making. The man cannot think beyond his ego and self (oh, please don't give us that crap about "the greater interest of the country"). No, I don't hold any sympathy for Mr. Sharif. I only think of him a lesser evil. Now he is trying to tell us that the public would take to the streets because, he assumes, he is the saviour of the people? Well, we haven't forgotten his autocratic rule, nor the utter disregard he showed for the institutions of the country during his misrule. He has done nothing for the nation, only carted out the national wealth like Mr. Zardari. They are both birds of the same feather. Why should the people take up cudgels for one against the other? -AYAZ AHMAD, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, February 26.