The former foreign minister Makhdoom Shah MahmoodHussainQureshi in an interview has confirmed that Raymond Davis is not a diplomat and cannot be extended diplomatic immunity. He made it clear that foreign office had checked his record thoroughly. His statements also reveal that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had asked him to endorse diplomatic immunity for Davis but it is worth mentioning that he refused to entertain the demand.US Ambassador also called on him and threatened the cancellation of meeting with Hillary Clinton on the side lines of the Munich conference if Davis was not freed. So in Munich Hillary did not meet him. USAlaunched a propaganda campaign against Pakistans nuclear weapons. They also threatened instability in Pakistan.US House Armed Services Committee delegation visiting Pakistan also threatened to suspend 2 billion dollars military aid to Pakistan. All US propaganda efforts were aimed at getting concessions from Pakistan. Pakistan has refused to endorse US demands. Unfortunately tripartite dialogue in Washington and President Zardaris visit to USAwas also cancelled. It is clear that the USA looks on Pakistan as its colony and certainly not its ally. After Shah MahmoodQureshis statements, all claims of our government and USA about Davis diplomatic status have proved false. Davis is not a diplomat but a secret agent who is involved in violent activities inside Pakistan. The Government seemed committed to oblige the US at any cost but Mr Qureshi did not come up to its expectations. Instead he became a hurdle in the way of endorsing immunity. Our foreign minister refused to give any concessions to USA and should be praised for it. Rahman Malik took up the responsibility to help out the government in this predicament. Due tothe growing pressure against the killer, the government was also forced to deny immunity to Davis. It is worth mentioning that Makhdoom Shah MahmoodHussainQureshi is also the descendant of Sufi saint HazratBahaud-din-Zakarya(R.A). He is the only spiritual and political leader who can bring Punjab and Sindh sit together to settle the contentious issue of Kalabagh dam issue. He is the only PPP leader who has never taken a loan from the government. he has never been involved in corruption. He remained firm and denied immunity to Raymond Davis for which he was punished. We must also not forget that this was the time when everyone was securing points curry favour with the US. But he chose to say No to US demands. He lost his ministry but did not become Mir Jaffer and Mir Sadiq. I congratulate him on behalf of the Pakistani people on playing such a bold role. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, February 24.