KARACHI - A new private sports body has been constituted which will organize the three-day City games in the city from March 5 to 7, it was learnt here Sunday. The office-bearers of the new body named as Karachi City Sports Association said to have already met high officials of Sindh Sports Ministry and CDGK to get their financial and other support. Sindh Sports ministry under its policy gives money to almost every sports organizer who approaches them with the request for funds to hold sporting events. Tennis reportedly gets the maximum from Sindh Sports Ministry annually. Usually after giving the grants the Sports Ministry always expect that the reports organizer would submit audited accounts of the event hosted. But according to information available the organizers who frequently organizes tennis events with funds given by Sports Ministry has not submitted any audit report to the ministry. Recently Karachi basketball and other associations were also given money to hold competitions at grass-root level. Karachi Basketball Association most judiciously spent the funds granted by the Sindh Sports Ministry when it organised an Inter-school basketball event in which 29 schools participated. The new office-bearers of the KCSA have reportedly also met CDGK officials with the request to get sports facilities located in various areas in the city. According to information available, competitions in 18 selected sports would be held during the games. The organizers are cutting the cloth according to their need .It has placed restrictions on the events and number of participants to suit their budget. For example the organizers of athletics said to have been advised to hold just four to six events each in male and female categories. Holding City games is the responsibility of city government, however after the dissolution of Nazim system the games could not be held. Former Nazim of Karachi Naimatullah Khan hosted first city Games in 2004 and again in 2006. Now the new body has taken over the responsibility to hold the games. A number of banks and other institutions are also expected to provide funds to the organizers. It is interesting to note that recently a number of sports organizations have sprung up in the city and are organizing events collecting funds from various sources. Under the new directives of Corporate Community Responsibility every bank and other financial institutions that have good funds under that head which could give good money to those who had connections for hosting sports and other social events. Thus organizing sports has become a lucrative preposition in the city. Recently a power utility service spent close to Rs. four million to organize a junior football events restricted to a few areas of lying in and around Lyari and on the borders of Balochistan. Each participating team was promised a substantial amount as appearance money but though the event ended a month-and-half ago, so far no money has been given to the teams. The power utility has bluntly said that giving promised money to the teams and their players was the responsibility of the national football federation. They just allegedly handed over millions of rupees to the federation which had organised the event and was to distribute money as promised.