Engineer Shams-ul-Mulk former Chairman WAPDA and former Chief Minister of erstwhile NWFP has stated in an interview to weekly Nida-e-Millat of 24-02-2011 that he had warned 30 years ago that power bills will escalate so much that people would weep on seeing the electricity bills. His prediction has come to be so true that people commit suicide now upon seeing the power bills. This has all happened due to our failure to build Kalabagh dam without which Pakistan would not be viable economically. The Indian Supreme Court has reportedly directed the Indian Govt. to pool the water of all the rivers of India to supply stored water to deficit areas even against gravity and as also to generate power. There is a pending case in our Supreme Court since 2000 about Kalabagh dam to be built as water is life being a fundamental right. This is a matter of life and death for Pakistan as it would generate power equivalent to two billion barrels of crude oil and generate 3600 MW of power. We would not have needed IMF loans and foreign aid if the dam had been built by 1993 when tender documents were ready to be floated in 1985. When survival of a nation is threatened there is no matter more urgent than that and as such the Apex Court may not delay the case of Kalabagh dam as justice delayed is justice denied. The political expediency has so for prevented the building of the dam as stated by the Prime Minister and this Gordian knot can only be cut by Supreme Court of Pakistan to save Pakistan. DR.MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, February 26.