Balochistan is teetering on the edge of separation from the federation of Pakistan as did East Pakistan and our leaders are conveniently ignoring it perhaps due to ostrich who sinks his head in sand in the wake of any predator or perhaps our so-called mainstream leaders want the tragedy of severing Balochistan to happen the way they accomplished the fait accompli of East Pakistan's separation in 1971 and put the onus on the military. No doubt, it was an inalienable right of Sheikh Mujib-ur-Rehman to hold the session of the elected people of West and East Pakistan in Dhaka and to form a government as he enjoyed the sympathy of the majority of the people of both the wings of then Pakistan. But Zulfikar Ali Bhutto in a paroxysm of arrogance said that he would break the legs of any of the elected member if he ever flew to Dhaka to attend the session. Certainly he detested to sit in opposition and the sequel of his psychological penchant to become a sovereign ruler was the separation of East Pakistan and in creating Bangladesh the part of mid-wife was ingeniously accomplished by Z.A. Bhutto. You can see the present turmoil in Balochistan analogous with the commotion that prevailed in East Pakistan before it became Bangladesh. The whole of Balochistan has been sold to the Arab princes belonging to Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar etc. They have erected their stately palaces and even made their private airports. Still all is not lost and our politicians should behave like statesmen and should shed their lust for money and power. That should give the Baloch what they need. And what do they need? Neither moon nor heaven but their rights. If ever Balochistan is separated, the whole of Pakistan will smash into smithereens and the present rulers and other leaders will vanish into nothingness. Without Balochistan, Pakistan will be a body without soul.


Wah Cantt, February 25.