KARACHI - The issue for establishment of Hyderabad University has been resolved between the ruling PPP and MQM as the House on Wednesday while adopting a resolution recommended the Sindh government to establish a public university in Hyderabad unanimously.

Before commencing of the session on Wednesday, MPAs of MQM led by its parliamentary leader Sardar Ahmed met with Acting Speaker Shehla Raza at her office in the Assembly and requested for allotment of separate seats of the opposition to them.

The Acting Speaker argued that the resignations of the MQM ministers have not accepted yet, so they could not be allotted the opposition seats, while leader of the opposition Syed Sardar Ahmed nominated by the party was also a provincial minister, so she refused to notify him for the slot.

After arguments, the MQM lawmakers submitted a separate application with signatures of the 30 MPAs to the Acting Speaker, nominating the Aamir Moin Pirzada as opposition leader.

While Acting Speaker Shehla Raza told the House that she has received application of MQM MPAs, for which she will hopefully allocate the opposition seats as well as notify the slot of opposition leader today on Thursday.

Later, after legislation, MQM’s parliamentary leader Sardar Ahmed urged the Chair to allow them to table a private bill for establishment of Hyderabad University. He said that they have submitted the bill on February 15, so be taken up today.

He said that the bill sent to the law, education and finance departments for their views about any money involved in it, but the reply still waited from them. MQM’s Sardar said that he knows no reply will come from the departments. He further said that when private universities could be established in Tando Muhammad Khan and other cities, so why not in Hyderabad.

He said that Sindh University was first established in Hyderabad but later it shifted to Jamshoro, adding that what obstacles are in the way of passing a bill for establishment of private university.

PPP’s parliamentary leader and education minister Pir Mazharul Haq while replying said that government had no any objection over the university but at least MQM had to wait for reply from the departments concerned.

He added that government is ready to establish public university but for which CM’s approval is required. But MQM’s Syed Sardar insisted that the bill for private university is not needed money from the government

Law Minister Ayaz Soomro said that campus of the Sindh University is already existed in the Hyderabad, besides two bills already passed this assembly for establishment of universities in Hyderabad in private sector.

As this session will continue till March 12, so no need to be hurry in any matter.

MQM’s Muhammad Wasim said that what sin has been committed by the people of Hyderabad to not given them a university.

Education Minister Pir Mazhar again stood and replied that they have reservation over the private bill as university is to be established by the Khidmat Khalq Committee of MQM, offering that MQM should wait and trust on the government for establishing the public sector university in Hyderabad.

Minister Zahid Bhurgari and MPA Farheen Mughal said that they are not against the university but it should be for a ‘specific’ area. They suggested that university be established at a place where students from all over the province can come for education.

Later, a resolution jointly moved by the MQM’s Muhammad Wasim, Aamir Moin Pirzada and PPP’s Farheen Mughal was adopted unanimously, which recommends government to announce a public sector university in Hyderabad unanimously.

Meanwhile, the chair rejected the adjournment motion of Arif Mustafa in which mover said that Parliamentary commission on provinces suggested bifurcation of Punjab province in two provinces, but it could be a threat to the integrity of Sindh province in the future.

Meanwhile, the law minister told the House that Sindh government has planned to pass a law under which ex-MPAs would be entitled of all perks and privileges like the ex-senators enjoying the same.

He further said that before the dissolution of the assembly, the Sindh government will regularize the services of all the employees working on contractual basis in the province.

Later, the chairman of Standing Committee on Home Department Anwar Mahar presented its report containing suggestions to improve the law and order in the province.

In the report, the committee has recommended for end of political interference in the police department, recruitments and postings be made on merit, besides increasing in the facilities for police has also been recommended.