LAHORE (PR) – Tetra Pak announced significant developments to its packaging solutions portfolio. The innovations deliver faster response times for customers in meeting changing consumer needs while minimising packaging equipment investment. The new packaging developments are: * The Tetra Evero® Aseptic One-Step Opening (OSO) * The  TBA/19 Retrofitability Kit for Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 and 250 Edge * The Tetra Pak® A3/Speed for Tetra Prisma® Aseptic for portion packs * Tetra Gemina® Aseptic 1000 Crystal * Tetra Top® One Step Opening * Tetra Fino® Aseptic * Tetra Brik® Aseptic 200 and 250 Edge.

Tetra Pak is launching a One-Step Opening on the Tetra Evero Aseptic, the world’s first aseptic carton bottle for ambient white milk. The Tetra Evero Aseptic OSO offers double safety features due to the tamper evidence ring and a neck membrane that is removed by twisting the cap. In addition to these safety features, the Tetra Evero Aseptic with OSO enables customers to offer consumers an easy to open, handle and pour from carton bottle.