MULTAN—- Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar has said that the coming election will prove to be a nightmare for the ruling parties as they hoodwinked the masses in the name of Seraiki Province.

Talking to the journalists here on Wednesday, he said that the JI supported the idea of creation of new units on administrative grounds in the country. He added that if his party came to power it would restore Bahawalpur province besides creating new provinces in the country.

“We’ll not let anyone divide country on lingual grounds,” he declared. Citing the examples of different countries, he said that India, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Italy, Thailand and the US had the highest number of units in their countries. He said that the country would gain further strength if it was further divided into administrative units.

He warned that the poor performance and anti-Pakistan policies of the rulers posed serious threats to the security and solidarity of the country. He maintained that the issue of missing persons further worsened as agencies kept picking up citizens illegally. “The government has completely failed to protect the lives and property of the citizens. The rulers have no justification to stay in government anymore,” he observed. He said that if any one committed any crime, he should be produced before the court and punished according to the law. He said that the government badly violated merit policies as Jiyalas were appointed against all posts. He declared that the JI would make appointments on merit and create one million new jobs in the country if it came to power. “We’ll make Pakistan a Madina-like state,” he added.