LAHORE – The family of a girl, who married for love, gave a thrashing to the couple at the Lahore High Court premises on Wednesday when the court allowed the girl to go with her husband.

Imran Akram, a resident of Gujrat, had moved a habeas corpus petition before the court stating that he had married Shireen Shamim with her free will.

He said she wanted to live with him but her parents and other family members were confining her in their house.

He requested the court to get his wife recovered from her family and hand over her to him.

Following court orders, a bailiff produced Shamim before the court on Wednesday after recovering her from the house of her parents.

Justice Yawar Ali allowed the girl to go with her husband when she recorded the statement that she wanted to live with her husband because she had married with her free will.

When the couple came out of the court room, the family members swooped at the girl and started beating her.

Her parents and other relatives used kicks and fist freely.

They also had beaten the groom when he tried to rescue her from the clutches of her family.

However security personnel intervened and rescued the couple from the girl’s family. Afterwards the police in their custody drove them out of the court premises.