ISLAMABAD – Fish and fish preparations exports from the country during the last seven months of current financial year (FY) recorded growth of 3.43 per cent as compared to the same period of last FY.

During the period from July-January, 2012-13 country earned US$ 180.20 millon by exporting about 81,324 metric tons of fish and fish products whic was recorded at 15,277 metric tons of US$ 174.23 million in same period of last financial year.

Month on month basis, about 10,202 metric tons of fish worth US$ 23.34 million exported during the month of January, 2013 as against the exports of 13,487 metric tons valuing US$ 30.52 million in month of December, 2012, it added.

On the other hand the export of fish and its products witnessed 9.33 per cent increase on year-on-year basis and recorded at 10,350 metric tons worth US$ 21.34 million during the month of January 2012, the data reveled.

Meanwhile, the exports of meat and meat preparations increased by 41.49 per cent during first seven months of current financial year as about 40,403 metric tons of meat and its products worth US$ 135.83 million exported.

The meat and meat products exports were recorded at 31,197 metric tons costing US$ 96.006 million from period July-January ,2011-12, the data revealed.

As compared to the month of January, 2012 the meat and meat preparations exports posted growth of 31.88 per cent during the month of January, 2013 and US 15.84 million against US$12.01 million of same month of last financial year.

In last seven months of current FY, fruit and vegetables exports also  grew by 1.54 per cent and 53.67 per cent respectively where as US$ 221.50 million added in the foreign exchange reserves by exporting of  fruits and US$ 89.85 million for vegetables export, it added.