Former President Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf and Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz were thick as thieves for many years; now the friendship has turned to enmity and they have become foes. Gen Aziz held many important positions both in army (Corps Commander, Lahore) and outside the army (Chairman, National Accountability Bureau) and therefore he is a known figure. For quite some time now he has stood up against former president Musharraf who in turn has quite naturally also hurled accusations back. The controversy started about Kargil operation, where Aziz accused his previous boss to be misguiding the nation on Kargil and not telling the truth about it whereas Musharraf defends his action and hits back at Aziz saying that he is twisting the facts and trying to become a hero and nullify whatever laurels and credit Musharraf has earned in that conflict.

We need not dig into who is right or wrong or what Pakistan gained or what India lost on the Kargil front but the fact is that two these two should stop accusing each other. It is leading nowhere except that we as a nation are creating confusion and mocking ourselves. It is very ironical that one way or the other, it has become our national characteristic that most of us do not speak when it is the right time but accuse others later on when the time to object has passed. As a nation we should either speak when it is relevant or keep quiet. Washing our dirty laundry in public only gives our enemies ammunition to harm us and we have already lost respect in the international community.

I really wonder why such episodes crop up one after another in developing and under developed countries only and not in developed countries. Moreover, what can be done now as it happened many years ago? How can it be undone what has already been done?


Kuwait, February 25.