MULTAN - The lives of dozens of poor heart patients are in jeopardy as the supply of oxygen and heart valves to the newly set up emergency block of Multan Institute of Cardiology has got suspended because of delay in approval of bills by the district accounts office, The Nation has learnt.

The hospital sent bills to the accounts office 22 days ago but nothing is paid so far, causing serious shortage of Oxygen and suspension of heart surgeries, Hospital sources confirmed.

The companies supplying oxygen and valves have ceased supply to the hospital because of non-payment of their bills, sources disclosed, adding that the accounts officials demanded one to three per cent commission on each bill. “The suppliers are not ready to pay such a big amount as one per cent on a bill of millions amounts to hundreds of thousands of rupees,” sources claimed.

Resultantly, the patients coming to the emergency block are either denied admission or given long dates for surgery which further adds to their miseries. Meanwhile, the social circles have demanded the DCO Multan to take notice of this situation and get the bills paid to the companies so that the treatment of heart patients resumes at the Cardiology Hospital’s emergency block.