LAKKI MARWAT - The district administration launched an operation against encroachments and removed illegal structures from both sides of the Bannu-Mianwali Road and in the bazaars of Lakki on Wednesday.  On the directives of Deputy Commissioner Nisar Ahmad, a joint team consisting of officials of district administration, municipal committee, KPK Highway Authority and police removed encroachments from both sides of Bannu-Mianwali road.

The team led by Assistant Commissioner Abdul Shakoor also got cleared footpaths from illegal occupants and vendors. Besides traders were strictly directed to remove iron made sheds in front of their shops or get ready to face a strict action.

Kiosks, vendors’ tables and makeshift outlets were also removed to widen the main road and one of its arteries connecting the bus stand area with city bazaars. Owners of juice shops, poultry sellers and other vendors were warned to avoid displaying their goods outside their shops on govt land.

The Assistant Commissioner warned the shopkeepers to avoid extending their shops up to roads or footpaths; otherwise they would face a legal action by the local administration.

Police seize weapons

 Meanwhile, The city police claimed to have arrested four people and seized narcotics and illegal weapons from them in different parts of the district.

An official said on Wednesday that a police party raided over a place in Langerkhel village in the remit of Lakki police station and arrested a drug trafficker identified as Misbahur Rehman. Police seized 600 grams hashish from him and registered a case under relevant sections of law.

In a separate action, the same police party arrested Muhammad Zakria and Meer Baz and recovered a repeater gun, a pistol and 33 cartridges from their possession. Another police party of Ghaznikhel police station also arrested one Nawaz Khan and seized an AK-47 assault rifle, five magazines and 103 bullets from his possession.