KARACHI - A delegation of experienced Pakistani doctors and eye consultants reached Gaza (Palestine) to provide free trainings to doctors and medical staff and free treatments to patients specially affected from eye diseases.

Prevention of Blind (POB) Trust Chairman Dr Intizaar Hussain Butt said in statement issued here the other day. He said patients having eye disease suffer seriously due to unavailability of quality treatment in Gaza and a section of them, who could afford heavy expenses, fly to Cairo for treatment whereas majority of them fail to get visa for treatment.

“The tour of the delegation aims at enhancing Palestinian doctors’ capacity so that they can ensure proper treatment to eye patients at local level and save patients’ eyes for the future,” Hussain added.  Pakistan’s doctors and consultants will also carry out free eye operations at various hospitals of Gaza in every three months, he said.

He mentioned that Pakistan’s doctors had provided free medical services locally and internationally in collaboration with POB Trust.  In this regard, he said, doctors had treated 900,000 patients including operations of 90,000 patients in their 450 free eye medical camps in 40 districts of Pakistan and 14 different countries of Africa.