LAHORE – Candidates of Unity Group for the slots of president and general secretary of the City have emerged victorious in the second phase of intra-party polls of the PTI in Punjab according to unofficial results.

The second round of the PTI party polls held on February 26, covered tehsils, towns, districts and metropolitan cities of Punjab. The unofficial results declared the Ideological Group as the runner up for the party polls of seat of Lahore, while Tsunami Change could not make an impact.

However, the election commission was engaged in the recounting process after receiving several complaints from provincial metropolis leaders regarding rigging and errors in voter lists’ of the electoral college and official results were expected today (Thursday).

Meanwhile, senior PTI leader, Khursheed Mehmood Qureshi addressing a press conference said, “The US economy cannot afford another adventure like Afghanistan and America is no more effective to interfere in the internal affairs of any country”.

Kasuri, who served as foreign minister in Pervez Musharraf regime claimed that the US Secretary of State and Defence share positive views for Pakistan.

He said that PPP-led coalition government could not claim the credit for the Iran Gas Pipeline, as the project was inked during the Musharraf regime.