RAWALPINDI - Use of substandard syringes in DHQ Hospital has triggered grave concern among the patients.

The syringes being used in the hospital have not been approved by Drug Testing Laboratory (DTL) despite the fact that a battalion of pharmacists are employed in the hospital and in their presence, use of such sub standard syringes raises a question mark on the credibility of testing system in vogue in the hospital.  This syringe gives us immense and immeasurable pain during the course of administration of injection or blood donation, said a patient. Two kinds of 23-guage syringes are being used in hospital wards, emergency and laboratory. One syringe has been approved by laboratory while the second syringe being used is extremely sub standard.  The needle of the sub standard syringe is very sharp and it inflicts excruciating pain on the patient.

Laboratory incharge said that it was not in his knowledge whether the syringe was approved by DTL or otherwise. We use the syringe which is supplied by the medical store of the hospital and return whatever is found not up to standard, he added.  The citizens demanded immediate removal of sub standard syringes from hospital stock besides holding probe into supply of these syringes.