LAHORE – Three Punjab MPAs, two from the Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) PML-Q and other from the Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) PML-F, resigned on Wednesday.

They include Mehr Khalid Mahmood Sarghana and Muhammad Yaqub Sheikh of the PML-Q and Dr Asma Mamdot of the PML-F. Describing their personal reasons to quit the assembly seat, these MPAs submitted their resignations to the Assembly Secretariat which the sources say, have been accepted by Speaker Rana Iqbal Khan.

Yaqub Sheikh and Khalid Sarghana were elected in the last general elections from Jhang constituencies PP-77 and PP-78, respectively while Dr Asma Mamdot became MPA on a reserved seat for women, W-363.  The first two became part of the forward bloc of the PML-Q dissidents which took root in 2008 and gradually gained strength of 40plus MPAs under the stewardship  of Ata Maneka and stood by the PML-N government in Punjab.

“Two MPAs say they are poised to join any other party however they are taking time to decide on the issue. As to Dr Asma Mamdot, she can join the PPP and make an announcement in this behalf soon,” sources said.

When contacted, Dr Mamdot confirmed to have resigned and that she has also quit the PML-F and considering joining a ‘mainstream’ party. She said she was not pleased with the party leadership which had sidelined the true leader of the party,

Syed Makhdum Ahmad Mahmud, the sitting Punjab governor, and had handed over the party’s Punjab reins to the outsiders. She said for belonging to the Southern Punjab and being members of the Assembly, they should have been counted for the party position in Punjab but it was not done which led her to quit the membership and think to join another party in the mainstream.