ISLAMABAD - Most of the public transport vehicles plying on different routes in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi do not follow the allotted routes and create problems for the commuters due to the negligence of the concerned authorities.  The commuters who daily travel between twin cities, are facing problems due to non-compliance of route number 1, 1C, 3, 111, 121, 21, 105 and 127 by the public transporters. Passengers complained that the public transport vehicles, especially vans, mostly lift passengers only up to a particular destination instead of completing their routes.

Residents of twin cities complained that taxi drivers were charging high fares, pretending to be running the taxis on patrol, but almost all such vehicles were being run on CNG. The commuters said that the authorities concerned should take stern action against the transporters involved in route violations. The residents of twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are demanding modest public transport system to make their mobility affordable.

An official of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) said that a help-line had been established to address the grievances of the commuters. He said that the commuters could register their complaints in case of route violation or overcharging. An official of Capital Development Authority said that the strategy in pipeline to step up it’s efforts for introducing a new viable, decent, convenient and disciplined transport system in Islamabad.

Online adds: Citizens have protested against overcharging of wagon and Suzuki fare by Rs 5 from stop to stop by owners of Toyota Hiace and Suzuki’s plying on different routes of twin cities.

The wagon drivers have started charging fare Rs 18 instead of Rs 16 from one stop to other stop on the route from Dhok Hafiiz Karal Chowk to Miran Abad, Fwara chowk unilaterally while no notification has been issued by the Transport Authority in this regard.

“We have also been affected adversely by the hike in the prices of petroleum products but increase in fare by  Rs 3 from stop to stop is sheer tyranny, said a group of school teachers.

Citizens demanded immediate stern action against unilateral increase in fares of public transport from stop by the owners of wagons and Suzuki drivers.

Meanwhile, it is a sorry state of affairs that the criminal activities are escalating in the area of R-A Bazar within two month while the police is acting like a silent spectator.

It has been recorded that gambling, Fraudster cases, robbery of motorcycles and immoral activities are soaring day by day while police patrolling system has also been failed to thwart these criminals activities.

It is claimed that during the current year of first two month the citizens has been deprived of 30 mobiles, 8 vehicles, 6 motorcycles, water pumps, snatching purse, watches, Prize Bond while the police is not paying heed on residents complaints.

However, scores of citizens started protest against the sheer negligence of the police and requested from CPO to pay great heed towards this grave issue so the masses could get some relief.