Bhoja Airlines has sold its two remaining aircrafts without paying any compensation to the next of kin of over 120 innocent victims who perished in the air crash, or paying any dues to CAA. This exposes a loop hole in working of corruption riddled CAA, the regulatory body funded by public taxes, to ensure that airline operators given permission to commercial operators who have fulfilled all legal obligations in case of accidents and fatal crashes.

Unfortunately the issuance of ‘Airline Operators License’ to Bhoja Airlines without meeting the criterion set by international aviation industry, points to serious flaws and incompetence of those assigned sensitive jobs in CAA. Unfortunate CAA has become a dumping ground for retired uniformed officers and politically connected corrupt bureaucrats. There have been no improvements even after a change of government, especially in the choice of new ‘Czar’ who comes with conflict of interest written all over him. The Bhoja fleet was registered in Pakistan and these aircraft could not have been flown out of the country without connivance of regulatory authorities and sold in the open market. ICAO regulates commercial aviation all over the world and CAA could have sought its help, contacted Interpol etc, provided it had the will!

The belated ‘Accident Investigation Report’ submitted in regard to the crash seems to be more of a cover-up than a professionally authored document. If pilots of Bhoja Airlines were not trained to fly semi automated B737-200, than apart from airline, the license issuing agency namely CAA (once again) is also guilty of criminal negligence and culpable homicide. There is no mention in the report of bad weather, which could have created a downburst or wind shear etc during approach, leading to rapid loss in airspeed and a fatal stall. Perhaps ‘Conflict of Interest’ within CAA leads to doctoring of facts, because ATC itself is under its administrative control.


Lahore, February 24.