Leadership in Pakistan is its own worst enemy. It is quick to grab the limelight but lacks the ability to gracefully preserve, the often ill found glory and veneration, that falls into its lap. No lessons have been learnt from the past mistakes. Elections in Pakistan are a game which only the rich can play, if they spend Rs 50 million for national assembly seat, their first priority is to retrieve the investment with interest. To our general public democracy simply means election and assemblies once this ritual in over in which only a handful of people participate they think that their duty is done.

Can you even imagine a modern state where local governance is totally ignored? It is most important to understand what democracy is, a democratic society organizes itself in such a way as to provide  its citizen safety, equal opportunity for jobs and investments and promises a measure of economic and social justice. The state tries to protect the weak and the vulnerable and the minorities. Pakistan must change the way if selects, elects and chooses its leaders as we cannot allow the ultra rich 5% to keep bringing back the same black sheep who are pathological liars, convicts, fraudulent, absconders from justice, fake degree holders, land mafia who buy votes with their billions, once in office they multiply their wealth and take the wealth out of Pakistan and leave.

We have to find honest, educated and patriotic people from among the masses who understand the problems of the ordinary people. For this to happen we have to change our electoral procedure, remove the corrupt element that spends millions on votes and make it all transparent and clear!


Lahore, January 8.