ISLAMABAD - An in-house change in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly may be on the cards as the PML-N led federal government is coming under severe pressure these days from its AJK chapter as well as PPP splinter group to have the incumbent Premier Ch Abdul Majeeed replaced with another jiyala, it was learnt on good authority.

Recently, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and the Federal Governments locked horns over the removal of the chief secretary and IGP of AJK after an election controversy emerged in one of the constituencies of the AJK assembly as PML-N won the seat. This situation, sources said, has led to escalation of tensions between the federal and AJK governments.  

Sources said that PML-N President AJK Raja Farooq Haider along with 12 legislators of AJK met with Dr Asif Karmani, Political Secretary of PM Nawaz Sharif, and submitted their written reservation and complaints on the ongoing issues in AJK, and the way state of affairs of the government were being handled. 

On the other hand, Prime Minister AJK Ch Abdul Majeed after having a detailed meeting with General Officer Commanding (GOC) Murree has summoned the cabinet meeting today (Friday) in Muzaffarabad.  The cabinet is expected to take on federal government by accusing it of rigging the AJK by-polls, through a ‘partial chief secretary’ and inspector general of police.

It is also learnt that the race to get hold of power in AJK seems to have reached its peak as Barrister Sultan Mahmood-led camp has again become active and claims it can muster support of required parliamentarians to remove the incumbent government. For now, all eyes are focused on the PML-N backed legislators who will have to weigh party bigwigs’ decision - whether to go with the wind or move anti-clockwise.

Apparently it seems an effort to form of a new government comprising PPP splinter ministers under the supervision of Barrister Sultan Mahmood can muster enough strength to replace AJK PM Ch Abdul Majeed. However, the signal from premier Nawaz Sharif can land the Mahmood-led block in hot waters again, sources added.

It was prime minister Sharif who scuttled a serious move late last year to remove AJK prime minister, arguing that he wont encourage splinter groups to hijack mandate of a party in certain area of the country.

Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Muhammad Barjees Tahir, the other day came up with federal government version over top bureaucratic appointments in the AJK, stating that the federal government was authorised to appoint the highest administrative officials in the state government and there is no reason to remove two senior officers as per the wishes of AJK prime minister.

He said there is an agreement between the federal government and AJK that the centre will appoint senior officers. He added that as per the agreement, the chief secretary is solely responsible for maintaining the law and order in AJK, who is the appointee of the federal government.