The questions surrounding the murder of Imran Farooq remain unanswered even after 3 years. The case is like one out of a noir film, with mysterious assassins shipped in from Pakistan that vanished into thin air after completing their task and landing in Karachi. The authorities have remained suspiciously tight-lipped about the entire episode, and only with the release of the BBC report, has the issue been brought up once more. Mohsin Ali Syed and Muhammad Kashif Khan Kamran have now resurfaced it seems, and are reportedly being sent back to the UK to assist in the investigation, and for conviction if found guilty.

Although the Pakistani politician Imran Farooq was also a British national, he was murdered on English soil. That means that UK law was broken and hence the suspects are to be tried there. The Pakistani government has no reason to keep the two in custody, unless they arrest them for an actual crime, which they have neglected to do so far.

This is no ordinary murder case. Imran Farooq was an MQM man and his murder, amidst rumors of a falling out with Altaf Hussain, is embroiled in controversy. Of course we all know this is not the first time an MQM politician fallen out of favour has been killed.

The MQM vehemently denies these accusations, as expected. Even if infighting in the top tier of the party was not the cause of his murder, Imran Farooq was adored by supporters of the MQM and the presence of his suspected killers might spur some of them into violent action. This two pronged threat will only be curtailed if the situation is no longer in the hands of our government. The suspects need to be handed over to England before Karachi pays for what happened in London.