LAHORE - Lahore Corps Commander Lieutenant General Naweed Zaman has said that special care, rehabilitation and empathy with children with natural disabilities can provide them the requisite strength to overcome their short comings.

He was addressing an award ceremony held specially to honour the special children of Rising Sun Institute who won gold medals at Asia Pacific Special Olympics games in Australia in 2013. Eight children of the Institute participated in Badminton, Football and Bocce events. Living upto their traditional performance, they bagged 4 Gold, 5 Silver and 3 Bronze medals.

Naweed Zaman said that providing congenial environment for better upbringing of children with mental and physical impairment was both a religious obligation and a social responsibility. He said that history is replete with examples where people with mental and physical disabilities if provided due attention have demonstrated enterprise and carved a place of eminence. He emphasised that a little effort on part of society can conveniently help these special children in exploring their dormant capabilities to overcome disabilities. He said that it was heartening to learn that students of Rising Sun Institute had won 12 medals in various events in International Special Olympics held in Australia in 2013. This is no ordinary achievement, he said, which amply manifests the resolve and zeal of these special children to contribute devotedly towards national achievements despite their disabilities, he added.