The latest statement of Imran Khan in which he has favoured the military strikes against Taliban and also advised them to ceasefire unconditionally is welcome and highly appreciated by all. However the stance taken by the Amir of Jamait-e-Islami has not changed. He has advised the government to stop air raids against Taliban and start peace talks. Never in the past has the image of this religio-political party been as shattered as of late under Munawar Hassan. He remained silent on the Shahadat of late Major General Sanaullah at the hands of Taliban. He has also been silent on the massacre of the 23 FC men and not paid condolence to the families. Should we now believe that he condones these acts of the Taliban?

Munawar Hassan, while addressing a seminar a few days ago at Islamabad said that Osama bin Laden was not dead and he lived in the hearts of the Muslims. Munawar Hassan is quite right Ben Laden was living in the hearts of thousands of mothers, wives and sisters who have lost their innocent sons, husbands and brothers respectively. Also he was living in the hearts of hundreds of families who have lost loved ones in bomb attacks as well as those killed while serving the nation!

Of course Osama-bin-Laden is living in the hearts of the people of Pakistan but as a dreadful demon.


Lahore, February 24.