The quick response of the CM Punjab to every tragedy, such as flood, accident or a heinous crime, is certainly commendable. He is pretty quick in not only visiting the sites of tragedy, but also very prompt in announcing compensation for families of the deceased and injured. Not only that, the CM forms committees and task forces to probe the incident and give him a report, though no action on such orders is seldom visible. Given his track record, it is surprising to note that he did not bother to visit the families of those poor labourers, who lost their lives in the line of duty, while working on the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro bus project, which is so dear to him. Those poor souls lost their lives while trying to complete his vision. I am afraid that the souls of those poor labourers would haunt the CM and disturb his sleep if ignored further. I would request him to pay a visit to the families of the deceased and pay them compensation due to them.


Islamabad, February 18.