Rana Bhagwandas passed away in Karachi, leaving behind a legacy of his strong character and utmost honesty, not only to his legal profession but in all the other offices he held during his lifetime. As, once he himself said, addressing a ceremony: “People see me as a Hindu, however, I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, rather, my only religion is humanity.” He twice served as acting Chief Justice of Pakistan. He was the first Hindu and the third non-Muslim (after A R. Cornelius and Dorab Patel) to serve at this post. In 2007, late Rana Bhagwandas was one of those judges who refused to take oath under PCO. Holding a Masters degree in Islamic Studies, he also wrote poetry and a book in praise of the Holy Prophet (SAW). When people of such genius pass away, they leave behind an empty space no one can fill. He was a great symbol of religious tolerance and will always be. May his soul rest in eternal peace!


Kasur, February 24.