This refers to the letter on subject by Engr. Khurshid Anwer (February 02) wherein he has rightly described how businessmen fed up with armed criminals are burning down their business and shifting abroad.

Authorities cannot disarm the armed criminals but hounding law-abiding arms license holders, including senior citizens and civil & military arms license awardees, by forcing them to go through complex, expensive and physically painful verification and computerisation process to detect a handful of fake licenses. Licensed arms including fake renewed through post offices have never been the source of planned crimes and act of terrorism.

Question arises as to how many licensed arms have been used in martyring about 60,000 including soldiers? Licensed arms are deterrent to criminals & not threat to security of citizens. There is still time to stop ongoing arms computerisation and the misery of the law abiding arms license holders, particularly senior citizens, and to allow continuation of arms license renewal through nearest post offices.


Rawalpindi, February 2.