With the American presidential election just around the corner there is a lot of media hype being generated as to who will be the next president of United States and what will the implications of this change vis a vis the relationship with Pakistan. The preliminary voting results go in favour of an American businessman, a billionaire, Mr. Donald Trump. A few days back I was talking to an old college friend of mine who is now settled in USA. He also seems to be in his favour despite the new presidential candidate’s well known strong anti Muslims and anti immigrants’ views. What will be the shape of American policies against Pakistan if we have a Republican president and that too in the name of Donald Trump, only time will tell. Experience and history shows that there has been no drastic change in American policies with the change in presidents belonging to any party. Their national interests, right or wrong from our point of view, are always paramount and don’t change with the change of presidents. General public in America also believes that some of the terrorist activities there are a reaction to their country’s policies in the Middle East and elsewhere. As far as we are concerned there is a dire need to forge internal political cohesion and put our own house in order. Who becomes the president of USA, should not be a matter of worry.


Islamabad, February 3.