LAHORE - Heavy contingents of police will perform security duty on the eve of PSL final match on March 5, in the city, said a police spokesman on Monday.

Foolproof security arrangements have been planned on the eve of PSL final, the spokesman said, according to which 7,000 police officials, 12 SPs, 35 DSPs and 84 SHOs will perform duty at Qaddafi Stadium.

“Physical searching will be ensured in 4 layers. Electronic devices will be used for biometric identification. Nobody will be allowed to enter without original CNIC,” the spokesman added.

Moreover, walk-through gates, matel detectors, barriers, sniffer dogs will be used to make the security foolproof.

Effective patrolling around the Qaddafi stadium will also be ensured.

“Morale of police force is high and we are committed to secure and provide peaceful entertainment to the people of Lahore,” the spokesman concluded.