Once again, the atrocious, lethal and heinous attacks at mall road Lahore and Peshawar’s Hayatabad area have proved that we are still far from an ultimate triumph against hardcore terrorism. The Lahore attack claimed 13 killings and 80 critical injuries while Peshawar attack devoured a number of innocent lives and crippled dozens of others. Since long, such fatal attacks have been intermittently hitting Pakistan despite the herculean efforts by different regimes – civil and military alike – in the country.  

However, the recent dreadful incidents have reminded us the previous deadliest attacks on various parts of the country. Besides, time and again these bloodiest suicide bombings have been occurring but we are frequently failed to desist them at all. Historically, it was the most gruesome terrorists’ attack on Army Public School Peshawar, which inaugurated NAP and other operations against monstrous terrorism. Initially, those operations had successfully got their targets to be completed but currently it seems no implementation has been done so far to properly eliminate the deep-roots of baleful terrorism. It is high time for both civil and military government to smell the bomb-powder of killer terrorists’ over innocent civilians. 

All in all, the brainwashed centres and the curriculum of extremism are another demanding trends of increasing, and training the venomous terrorists. Regardless, the instability of security system at borders also gives space and air to the mortal terrorists to easily enter into our country. Terrorists are taught the false definition of Islam. Thus, such centres should be traced out and destroyed completely. Over and above, all points of NAP must be functioned practically to shatter the deep-rooted terrorism. 


Shikarpur, February 16.