FAISALABAD-Chinese Counsel General in Lahore Long Ding Bin yesterday declared that the existing time-tested relations Pakistan and China will flourish further, especially in the field of agriculture, education and trade to reap benefits of each other's experiences.

He speaking at a meeting held at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF), which was attended all UAF deans and directors.

The meeting was chaired by UAF Vice Chancellor Dr Iqrar Ahmad. The Chinese Counsel General said that the agriculture ties have become one of the priority areas of collaboration between the two countries. He pointed out that Punjab has been blessed with fertile land and it is producing agricultural products of good quality. He added that mango of the province are famous around the globe due to its taste and aroma. He was of the view that although Pakistan is moving towards industrialisation, agriculture is the base for development and prosperity.

Dubbing the UAF, university of innovations, the Chinese CG said that the varsity has played a pivotal role in the development and uplift of the agriculture sector. He informed the audience that China has established two Confucius Institutes in the Punjab - one at UAF and the other one at the Punjab University.

The institutes are meant for further flourishing relations by producing people having knowledge about Chinese language and culture that will bring people of both the countries closer. He said that Urdu language is being taught at various Chinese Universities.

He said that China is offering many scholarships to Pakistani students for knowledge exchanges and benefit of the people. He said that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is a hallmark step towards the uplift and prosperity. He added that people of China Pakistan are like a brothers who were enjoying the long lasting ties which are deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains.

Earlier, Dr Iqrar Ahmad said that the 36 UAF faculty members had obtained degrees from China whereas nine are pursuing their degree in the country. He said that China is having the biggest share of the UAF foreign qualified faculty.

He suggested the establishment of Pakistan China Agriculture Park at the UAF that will help address the issue of farming community. He said that UAF academic ties with Chinese universities are being boosted to get benefit from each other experience. He said Chinese universities are proving their mettle globally in every filed.

He added the country will witness an economic turnaround that would help ensure sustainable development due to CPEC. He said that the UAF is enjoying good relationship with the Chinese Universities including Xinjiang Agriculture University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU) China. He said that seven UAF faculty members have sent for studies last year in FAFU whereas ten more be sent this year.

Vice Chairman Confucius Dr Ashfaq Ahmad said that Chinese is being at an elective course for the agricultural engineering at UAF. He said that 1700 UAF students had appeared in the Chinese language tests. In the last some months, ten Chinese tests had been conducted at the UAF. He said that UAF more than 35 faculty members had completed Chinese language test here at UAF.