MULTAN-The Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) demanded the government on Monday to stop subjecting the ginning sector to step motherly treatment and announce a bailout package for the sinking industry like that of the one for textile industry and the farmers.

The demand was raised unanimously by the members of central executive committee of the PCGA during a meeting held to discuss issues being faced by the ginners and cotton growers. The meeting was chaired by the PCGA Chairman Dr. Jassu Mal.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Jassu Mal and others demanded the Chairman FBR to issue order for the solution of tax issues being faced by the ginners. They said that issuance of unlawful notices to the industry which paid the highest amount of taxes was highly worrying and this practice should be stopped forthwith.

They strongly criticised government’s cotton policy and said that the rulers crushed cotton grower and cotton sector for the sake of the interests of few opportunists.

They maintained that the government promoted sugar industry at the cost of the highest foreign exchange earning cotton sector as the sugar mill owners were members of government and opposition. They pointed out that on one hand government imposed unjust taxes on ginning industry while on the other hand granted Rs. 20 billion subsidy to the sugar industry.

The pointed out that the national economy was dependant on cotton and therefore all unjust taxes from ginning industry should be abolished and steps be taken to boost cotton production. They warned that the farmers would stop growing cotton if the government continued to pursue anti-cotton policies.