LAHORE - An exhibition of printmaking featuring collaborative prints by Australian artists Damon Kowarsky and Mathew Green Tree was held on Monday at Taseer Art Gallery.

Kowarsky exhibits regularly in Australia and abroad holding solo exhibitions in cities including Melbourne, Hong Kong, New York, Cairo and Damascus.

The main objective of the exhibition was to promote and further a knowledge and understanding of printmaking and its technical variables and complexities to a wider audience. This will be achieved through exhibitions, demonstrations, and talks on printmaking.

Mathew Greentree and Damon Kowarsky studied printmaking at the Victorian College of Arts. The printmaking showcased their work engaged with themes including sport, war, nationalism, the rise of internationalism, visual geopolitics and the application of Gnostic mysticism to contemporary media and image making. Architecture of historical building from different countries was showcased.

Greentree is a keen collaborator and has worked with Melbourne artists Connor Grogan and Andy Gritscher on projects spanning drawing, painting, sculptures, video installations and rock music.

 He is also working on international Airspace operations, a series of multi modal site and autonomous projects that explore elements contemporary internationalism.

Talking to The Nation Kowarsky said that the exhibition is divided into two parts. “The first is my solo show which is inspired by my travels. I have been traveling extensively in South Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Architecture and the colours of earth and sky inspired much of my work.

“The second part of the exhibition is the collaborative work I did with Mat Green Tree. For me it was an honour to exhibit my travel sketchbooks transformed by Mat’s visual sensibility. For Mathew it was a chance to reengage with drawing and step back into print studio after many years working with digital and virtual media,” Kowarsky said.